Many people have guided and helped this project along its way, and I want to express my appreciation and thanks:

Silbertal Valley, Austria

Bryan Benn who sweetly offered to host this site and look after my reports while I'm away, Tracy Benn who used her expert eye to design and build this site, Bob Cartwright (podcast Bob) for his offer of an interview, Col at Alpkit for gear support, David Genestal and Simon Dubuis for convincing me this walk was possible, David Toms whose experience and advice gave me confidence to go lightweight, Ian at Winwood for lightweight gear, James at CRC UK for help with fundraising, Kev Reynolds for his amazing book on the Alps, and telling me I could write a guidebook, Marco at Stanfords for finding all those non-stock maps, Michael Borop at Sites Atlas who patiently provided the maps for this site, Rand at Trail Designs for stove advice, Rob at Ardblair (Aku) and Dave at High Adventure for great help with shoe choice, Russ at Northern Lites for snowshoes - and everyone on the Ramblers Forum for their suggestions and lively discussion on walking issues.

I'm acutely conscious that, even though this walk seems long, it barely scratches the surface of the Alps. There'll be many a lovely glen off to the left, or enchanting village just too far away to visit. So I'll chat to locals as I go, and hopefully on my return, there'll be many others to thank as well for their suggestions. Then there'll be next time ... but that's another story.