Other long walks across Europe (on the net)

To my surprise, no-one seems to have walked 'all round' the Alps before. Here are stories from people who have gone a long way - in the Alps and elsewhere:

Jean-Claude Vuilloud

In Summer 2004, Jean-Claude walked from Trieste to his home near lake Geneva, along the red route of the Via Alpina. He started with a 44lb pack and suffered in that Summers heatwave, with the temperature sometimes hitting 38C. He walked for 78 days out of 92 - many of the rest days were due to weather. Jean-Claude lost 40lbs in body weight. He had planned to walk on to Monaco, but as he had done that two years before, he felt justified in stopping.

Simon Dubuis

Simon set off on 13th June 2006, and walked 1,430 miles from Monaco to Vienna in 110 days on the red, green, yellow and purple routes of the Via Alpina. His pack weighed between 33 and 37lbs. His lively forum and podcasts kept us entertained, and his thoughts and comments have been very useful for my planning. Chapeau et merci, Simon!

Laurence de la Ferriere

With a group of 3-6 people, she has just completed a remarkable winter traverse of the Alps from Vienna to Nice in 100 days, using skis de randonnee, including the ascent of 15 major summits. Her voyage was filmed and a book will follow.

Steve Perry

Steve walked the highest 284 Scottish mountains (the 'Munros'') in a continuous trip from 1st December 2005 in 3 months, camping much of the way in snow, ice and gales.

Lee Kazimir

Lee took his inspiration from a throwaway remark by Film Director Werner Herzog, and promptly walked from Madrid to Kiev, in the Ukraine. A warm and droll account: wonderful stuff. The film should be great.

David Genestal and Jean-Marie Meuret

David and Jean-Marie walked from Vienna to Nice ascending the principal peaks during 2006 in 127 days, as a sequel to their traverse of the Pyreneean peaks.