Route Schedule

This assumes I walk ten hour days with timings based on the Via Alpina site, and it includes about 20 rest days. It's hard to be exact, because many factors will affect my progress - weather, visibility, or maybe there'll be some nice people to walk with, but it should be about right. If you're thinking of coming out to walk a bit with me, please contact us to find out where I will be before you book anything!



Total Days


Via Alpina map page


Monaco 0 0 Monaco Red R161 0m
Terme di Valdieri 12 12 Italy Red R142 1360m
Chiappera 6 18 Italy Red R135 1623m
Usseaux 8 26 Italy Blue D38 1416m
Ronco Canavese 10 36 Italy Blue D26 948m
Campello Monti 12 48 Italy Blue D12 1305m
Alpe Devero 7 55 Italy Blue B3 1631m
Inerferrera 11 66 Switzerland Red R82 1480m
Scuol 12 78 Switzerland Red R67 1243m
Bolzano 11 89 Italy Yellow B27 266m
Austrian border South of Sillian 10 99 Italy/Austria Red R25 2445m
Thorl Maglern 7 106 Austria Red R16 634m
Lavamund 11 117 Austria Purple A13 349m
Gaberl 5 122 Austria Purple A20 1547m
Kaiserstein 8 130 Austria n/a 2061m
Eisenerz 6 136 Austria n/a 769m
Lungotz 11 147 Austria Purple A34 830m
Oberaudorf 10 157 Austria Purple A50 483m
Garmisch Partenkirchen 7 164 Germany Purple A59 747m
Vaduz 11 175 Liechtenstein Green C1 457m
Meiringen 8 183 Switzerland Green G8 595m
Samoens 12 195 France Red R110 721m
Cerellaz 6 201 Italy Red R117 1249m
Modane 5 206 France Red R124 1058m
Bourg d'Oisans 5 211 France n/a 725m
Guillestre 9 220 France Red R130 1055m
Larche 9 229 France Blue D52 1675m
St Martin Vesubie 4 233 France Blue D58 964m
Monaco 4 237 Monaco Red R161 0m (wet!)