Tales of walking across Europe (Books)

Clear Waters Rising

Nick Crane's extraordinary account of his walk from Cape Finisterre to Istanbul, including passing through the Alps in the depths of Winter. Brrr!

A Time of gifts / Between the woods and the water (2 volumes)

Patrick Leigh Fermor's astonishingly rich account of his walk, aged 18, from Holland to Constantinople in the 1930s. A haunting view of cultures and societies long gone, and of all the people who befriended him along the way. Surely a high water mark in travel literature.

Mean Feet

A fine and gentle book by John Waite about his journey from Southern Portugal to Southern Italy. Written just 25 years ago, it is sobering how much has since changed in our heady pursuit of materialism.

Pyrenees -L'eclat sauvage d'une traversee

A passionate and beautiful account of the traverse of the Pyrenees including ascent of 60 of the main summits, by David Genestal and Jean-Marie Meuret (in French).

AWOL on the Appalachian

David Miller's fast-paced, frank and amusing account of through-hiking the Appalachian Trail (OK it's in the USA, but still a great story).